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Sparks Boulevard Project

The purpose of the project is to address operations and capacity deficiencies and improve safety and mobility for all modes of transportation including cars, pedestrians, transit, and bicycles. This project advances improvements along the corridor between Greg Street and Baring Boulevard that were identified in the Sparks Boulevard Multi-Modal Corridor Study (Corridor Study), prepared by the RTC in June 2015.

The project purpose, needs, and priorities were developed during the Corridor Study based on public input and form the basis for developing and evaluating alternative transportation solutions that provide measurable improvements and have logical termini within the project study area. The corridor embodies mixed use planning with industrial businesses on the south end, the vibrant Legends at Sparks Marina and Wild Island water park in the center, and Reed High School surrounded by high density housing to the north. Land use intensity will continue to increase with planned development in Legends, at Kiley Ranch north of the study area, and at a few other undeveloped sites along Sparks Boulevard. Improvements made on Sparks Boulevard are planned to respect the environmental, historical, community and recreational resources.

See what improvements are being recommended for Sparks Boulevard by viewing the Preferred Alternative.

Phase 1: Greg Street to I-80 Westbound (WB) Ramps
Currently in the design phase
Restriping to 3 lanes each direction
Maintenance and rehabilitation of existing pavement
Safety improvements
Maintaining multi-use path

Phase 2: I-80 WB Ramps to Baring Boulevard
Currently in the environmental phase
Widening the existing roadway to 3 lanes each direction
Roadway rehabilitation and construction of new travel lanes
Safety improvements
Pedestrian connections and bike lanes

Corridor Study



Spring 2019 to Summer 2022 


Design - Phase 1

Winter 2021


Construction - Phase 1

Spring 2022

Design - Phase 2


Construction - Phase 2


Project Location

Sparks Boulevard is a major north-south corridor located in Sparks, Nevada. This project will look at improvements on Sparks Boulevard between Greg Street and Baring Boulevard - approximately a three-mile-long segment of the roadway.

Project Team

This project is sponsored by the RTC and is in cooperation with the City of Sparks, FHWA and NDOT. Atkins North America, Inc. is the engineering firm conducting environmental services, preliminary engineering and final design.  

City of Sparks

Partner Agency


Design & Environmental Firm